History and Program

Pedachess was incorporated as a limited in June, 2008. As an organization, the company is at the forefront of enabling the young child mentally using chess as a teaching tool and has been involved with chess instruction in schools for over 8yrs now.

​We run chess as part of the schools’ curriculum under the aegis of the Chess Aided Mathematics Programme (CAMP) and have all pupils from Nursery 2 – Year 6 making up the participatory classes.

The CAMP programme was first adopted by Chrisland Nursery & Primary School, Ladipo Oluwole in September, 2003. Subsequent terms saw the VGC unit and the Opebi unit incorporating the programme respectively. From 2006, there has been a drive to spread the programme to other schools and this has seen our clientele rise to over 25 schools.

Other programmes run by the organization include the close championship. This is actually a spill of the CAMP programme and involves all the schools running the CAMP programme. We also have the Pedachess All-Primary Schools Annual Chess Championship which has been running since 2008. See more details on the tournament page.

In our employ are a team of professional chess players, most of whom are national masters, who have excelled in a form study or the other. We boast of the best chess instructors in the country who find their job very gratifying and challenging.

Our instructors are trained to be very creative and endeavour to teach the kids more than chess- they teach them to have a great attitude, self worth & confidence, and finally, they teach them to be modest in victory and honourable in defeat.